This API is only for transactional emails.
Version 1.1


Statistics for selected subscriber

Request Parameters:
Name Example Value Default Value Description Type Data Type Required
email null Recipient Email path string(100)
Example Request URL:
Response Parameters:
Name Data Type Reference Description
recipient string(100) Recipient Email
messages integer Messages Count
sent integer Emails Sended
opens integer Count of Opens
opens_total integer Count of Opens Total
clicks_unique integer Count of Clicks Unique
clicks_total integer Clicks of Total Count
undelivered integer Count of Undelivered
unsubscribed integer Count of Unsubscribed
spam integer Count of Spam
links integer Count of Links
Response Messages:
Code Status Example Body
200 OK
    "recipient": "",
    "messages": 2,
    "sent": 0,
    "opens": 0,
    "opens_total": 0,
    "clicks_unique": 0,
    "clicks_total": 0,
    "undelivered": 0,
    "unsubscribed": 0,
    "spam": 0,
    "links": 0

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